“Aloha!” More than just a greeting, Aloha is the warm, friendly and happy spirit that characterizes the Hawaiian islands. Most of us try to live “with aloha in our hearts” toward one another – even in the crazy traffic!

Whenever you visit the Honolulu Church of Christ (just 10 minutes from Waikiki) you will discover a family of Christians. We aren’t perfect, but we enjoy the grace of God and appreciate the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus, by which God makes us right in His sight! We consider those who visit to be our special guests and virtually every week we have new faces to greet both from Oahu and the mainland.

Our goal is simple: to just be Christians. In our worship we sing, we pray, we share the Lord’s Supper, we give, and we listen to God’s Word. Then we try to live out what we have learned. When we fail (sin) we admit it to God, turn from it, and we continue to walk with Jesus. We are a spiritual family and we are determined to help each other throughout this life and into life eternal.

So, come and experience the Aloha of the Honolulu Church of Christ!